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New Dreadlocks



- Undercuts -

- Mohawks -

Do you have your sides shaved?  Maybe you have a Mohawk or an Under Cut.  Is your hair faded?  This is the appointment you need.  Should take 1-3 hours to complete.  (Please note: If your appointment runs passed the allotted time due to the length, volume of your hair or the desired size of your dreadlocks, our hourly rate will then be charged.)



- Short Hair -

- Neckline - 

Does your hair hang just below your ears or to the nape of your neck?  Maybe you have curly hair that stretches to your eyebrows.  Do you have a full afro that's just a few inches long?  This is the option for shorthaired folks.  Expect to spend around 4-5 hours with us.  (Please note: If your appointment runs passed the allotted time due to the length, volume of your hair or the desired size of your dreadlocks, our hourly rate will then be charged.)


- Shoulder Length -

If your hair reaches your shoulders or touches your collar bone you'll need to pick this appointment.  Typically it will take about 5-6 hours depending on the size of the dreadlocks you want.  (Please note: If your appointment runs passed the allotted time due to the length, volume of your hair or the desired size of your dreadlocks, our hourly rate will then be charged.)


- Between Shoulder Blades -

For you folks with longer hair that reaches between your shoulder blades or to your bra strap this is the right option for you!  Average time is 6-8 hours.


- Waistline -

Hair this long can sometimes take 2 days to complete.  The actual length of your hair, volume and the size of the locs you would like will determine how long it will take.  Over 12 hours should be expected.  This appointment will be discussed in detail before it can be booked.

$10 /each

- Just a Few -

Want to experience Dreadlocks but not quite ready to totally commit?  Maybe you're not sure how your family or employer will feel so you want to do        a test run.  

Just try out a few! 


Dreadlock Maintenance
$25 per half hour


60 to 90 Minutes

This appointment is for you if you have an undercut, short locs, have less than 40 well cared for locs, just need your roots tightened up, you keep your roots separated and typically get regularly scheduled maintenance, then your appointment should be fairly Quick!


 2-3 hours

If you come in for maintenance on a regular basis, have long locs, more than 50 locs, want your roots tightened up and your loose hairs tucked in and you take care of your locs and keep them separated in between your visits, then you are a Regular!.


3-5 Hours

Do you put off your maintenance for months at a time?  Never wear your protective scarf?  Rarely separate your locs and now they are all conjoining at the root? Are your locs looking like a crazy mess and you hide them under a hat?  Want us to make your Locs beautiful again?  You need an Extended appt.  Maybe you take great care of your Locs but you just have a lot of them.  We'll still need more time for you!

How long your maintenance takes, depends on you!

Not all dreadlocks are the same...

Some of us have way more volume than others which takes more time to do. Imagine the time difference between doing maintenance on someone with 125 dreadlocks and someone else who only has 30! Some of us have our sides shaved, others have dreadlocks to their knees. All of this must be taken into account when considering the time it takes to maintain your lovely locs! Then there are some of us that do not get regular maintenance. You are essentially putting several maintenance visits in to ONE visit. Whether you have your locs maintained every 3 months or once a year... the time and cost will end up the same. Delaying your maintenance does not save you anything; not money nor time! If you want to save money, take care of your locs between maintenance appointments!! We will teach you how to do this at your appointment!

Other Services


Home Visits 

By Special Arrangement

No car?  Have a disability?  Don't like bridges or freeways?  Agoraphobic?  Kids at home or caring for a loved one?  Hate driving in downtown Portland?  No problem!  We can come to you!  If you live in the Portland/Vancouver/Longview Metro area we will bring our services to you!  Live outside the Metro area and still need a home visit, get in touch, we might make the trip!

If you need a home visit, please text us to check for availability.

(503) 891-1938


Always been curious about having Dreadlocks but not sure if you're ready for the commitment?  Dread Haven can install temporary extensions for you,  They can also install permanent extensions.  Whatever you want they will make it happen!  Fill out the questionaire and let them know what you are interested in and they'll get back to you with answers to your questions and they will help you book your appointment!

Dreadlock Extension Questionnaire



- Repairs -

- Blunted Ends -

- Wicks/Combine Locs -

- Reattach Old Locs -

 - Knot Removal -

Do your locs have thin spots?  Have any of your locs broken off?  Make sure you bring those pieces to your next appointment.  We will fix those weak spots & reattach your broken Locs!  Want your ends blunted.?  We'd be happy to fix those wispy ends for you!  If you'd like to combine your locs, we can do that too.  All of these things can be done at your next Maintenance Appointment.  Let us know so we book enough time for you!  Is your hair matted and you need knots removed, we can help!  We have lots of experience! There's no secret trick or remedy.  It takes time and it's not a cheap process.  

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