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Dreadlock Extensions

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There are many types of Dreadlocks, and just as many types of Dreadlock Extensions.  What you choose is soley up to you and what look you desire to have.  Temporary Extensions are braided into your non dreadlocked hair.  Permanent extensions are attached to hair that is already dreadlocked or is just shorter in length.  Your existing hair is crocheted into the added piece.  Depending on what you want will depend on what you will need to buy.

Natural hair is more expensive to buy but it is also highly recomended.  It can be colored and manipulated into styles just like your own hair and it also lasts for the life of your dreadlocks.

Wool would be your 2nd best choice.  It's very durable and also comes in a wide variety of colors and looks fairly natural.  You cannot color it or apply heat to it and over time they will begin to desinagrate.  The last option is  Synthetic Hair Dreadlocks.  Not as long lasting or durable and you can't color or apply heat to them.  Both Wool & Synthetics are less expensive than Natural Hair.

Depending on the size of Dreadlock and the type of Extension you wish to have installed will depend on how many you will need to purchase.  Make sure to fill out our Dreadlock Extension form so we can get in touch with you and start you on your Dreadlock Journey!

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