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Are you looking to begin your Dreadlock Journey or do you just need someone you can trust to do your maintenance? Whatever your needs are, you've come to the right place! I specialize in using the Thai and Interlocking methods. With over 30 years of hair experience I think you'll be happy with my work! I aim to please!

Anyone can have dreadlocks, no matter what hair type you have! Are you thinking about starting your journey? You've come to the right place! I am here for you! Some hair will lock faster than others but with love, patience and some nurturing you can have the dreads you want! 

Having dreadlocks is a journey because there are several phases you go through. When you have your baby dreads it's a tough road. It's like learning to walk. All you think about is how you want your hair to look and what it will become. This is the hardest part of your journey!

As they become fuller, stronger and longer you can begin to style them or wear them up. The more love and care you give them, the more amazing and beautiful they become! It's a process as well as a passion. Along your journey, sometimes there will be a bump in the road. Everyone has stories to tell and one day you can tell me yours!

Dreadlock History

Originally, dreadlocks were the mark of spiritual status. Locked hair has been a symbol of a highly spiritual person who is trying to come closer to God. Dreadlocks have been a part of the history of every spiritual system. from Christianity to Hinduism, and of course Rastafari. Spiritual history will show you that dreadlocks are mentioned in all holy books and many cultures. For example in the Bible, Sampson wore dreadlocks. When Delilah cut off his seven locks of hair Sampson lost his incredible strength. Dreadlocks are often traced back to Hinduism and the Lord God Shiva. However most people recognize that dreadlocks have their origin in Africa.. Throughout history dreadlocks were commonly worn by spiritual healers. Many Pharaohs had locked hair. King Tutankhamen's mummy still has visibly intact dreadlocks. Nowadays Dreadlocks are worn as a fashion statement, a political message, or as a way of rebelling. The vast majority of people, young and old alike, have no real idea of what dreadlocks have meant spiritually throughout history. For the most part we just enjoy their beauty and how they make us feel! ANYONE with ANY type of hair can wear Dreadlocks!

Thai Method

This technique is done by holding the hair section close to the root with one hand, while pushing the crochet hook in and out repeatedly. While pushing the crochet hook in and out with one hand, the other hand twists the hair section back and forth to ensure an even look. The Thai method makes small loops by pulling hair from side to side through the hair section, then back out. This process is done very rapidly using a hook and release type action. To finish, the ends of the dreads are pulled inside the dreadlocks, giving a rounded appearance. Sometimes it takes some extra work to keep your ends rounded. Be patient though, with some love and extra work, we can make it happen.


Interlocking is another natural dreadlock option. Some people feel that this method promotes breakage and stress on the locks. I agree, if this method isn't done properly it will definitely cause a lot of stress on your hair and pulling at the scalp. However, when you are careful with your process, there is nothing to worry about. Interlocking gives a nice, uniformed appearance. It's difficult to explain just what the process is You are essentially weaving your dread back through the base at the root. Depending on your grow out will depend on how many swoops you make. Anywhere from 2-3 is average. Each pass-through you weave the lock in a different direction using the latch hook. or other interlocking device.